It’s just that for Ryoko, it’s not easy to give up easily, besides, it’s a childhood sweetheart for 18 years. If she didn’t know that Lian Er was married, maybe she was still struggling for her fame and wealth, but when she knew that he was married, she knew how much she cared about him. Anything has not been able to compare, young once warm smile, gentle manner, gentleman temperament, has been deeply fascinated her, but she woke up too late, now will think, if, did not leave, then, now everything may not change at all. He may not meet that girl, then all this will not happen, but now everything can not be saved, she lost everyone. However, how can she be worthy of herself if she gives up easily? She must save it. At least, she could see that there was no teenager in the girl’s eyes, so as long as that was the case, she still had hope, didn’t she? The girl, perhaps, began to work hard for her love,cantilever racking system, but she did not think about whether she could bear the disappointment if she had worked hard but had no harvest. Too many people just can’t take it, and blame others, and then.. From love to hate. Clearly know that this will become the inevitable result, but still too many people to do, this is the tragedy of love. It has been going round and round, rotten and stale, but it has to be controlled by it. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< At lunch time, the kelp, which was originally in a hurry, was uncharacteristically slow. Occasionally,heavy duty rack manufacturers, you can still see that the teenager is actually in a hurry. Just has been looking at the girl next to her, her gentle appearance makes the teenager secretly anxious, he wants to eat! I’m starving! Why? Because the young man of the Liu family said that he would take the young girl with him to their usual place when he ate. The young girl herself had no opinion, but the kelp was sweating profusely by the tepid girl. The girl turned her head and looked at the young man with a suffocating look on his face. “What’s wrong?” Why do you look so depressed? The girl thought and took out the lunch box. The boy felt his stomach aggrieved, “I’m so hungry.” This is the most direct protest. Right with a smile. “All right, let’s go.” They went out of the classroom door. Although they usually do not have many opportunities to eat lunch together, but she does not mind, it does not matter, even if it makes some women hate the teeth itch, as long as she is happy she will go. The girl thought so all the way with white eyes and glaucoma. I just don’t know how the Ryoko girl is. To set up the sea young people always eat on the roof, above the familiar but seems to have a thoughtful atmosphere for the right to contain squint, suddenly saw the girl Ryoko seems to be very depressed. What the hell is going on? The girl swept it quickly, but still didn’t know what the situation was. Ryoko girl is sad, Liu young is … Indifference? Seem to be aware of looking at the fox gentleman who is looking over, that teenager just wry smile, right with surprise, in the end is how to matter? Even the fox predecessors do not seem to figure out the appearance, is it very serious? The girl made a random judgment in her heart, and came forward with a face of kelp that did not know what to do, drive in racking system ,shuttle rack system, smiling faintly, “seniors.” Nod your head slightly. Scanning one by one, he paused on Yukimura’s frowning face, and finally went to Ryoko’s side, “Ryoko’s senior sister, good.” Just simply say hello, Ryoko has quickly restored the usual appearance, put away the decadence, subconsciously unwilling to show sadness in front of the right, it seems that the more indifferent she is, the more sad she is. “Good.” Ryoko smiled faintly, so the awkward atmosphere began to be resolved with the arrival of Youhan. Right to find a place to sit down, young Liu has come to sit together, the girl slightly stunned, he should not be in the side of Ryoko. The teenager just looked at her lunch box. “There are green peppers in it. You can’t be picky about food.”.
” The girl is once again gorgeous. Did he come here just to supervise himself to eat all the green peppers? Liu Lian-er, you are too seeping. The girl is gorgeous and speechless. Indeed, if he is not around, she can pick out all the green peppers and continue to eat them as if she had not seen them. Well, the trick failed. The girl picked up the green thing, stuffed it into her mouth with pain on her face, and then ate it almost without swallowing. The teenager said lightly, “It’s hard to digest without chewing, and the stomach will be uncomfortable.” “Uh..” The girl who began to curse in her heart ate the green pepper called pain with a full face. One side of the original cut to see the goose bumps, looking at the right with sympathy, he did not eat, fortunately no one forced. Liu calmly swept to a glance, kelp teenager a frightened, instantly jumped behind the fox gentleman, while patting the chest, while rejoicing more than enough, OMG Liu senior’s eyes are so terrible.. As for the girl who has decided to make a curse doll in private, it is already a tragedy. Ryoko slowly came over, his face is still whitewashed perfect smile, “Renji, let’s change the lunch box, I do it myself, oh, you used to like to eat the dishes I cooked..” Even if she doesn’t like to go into the kitchen, she is still willing to make up for his already astringent cooking skills. Ryoko, just my own. Teenager’s tone is infected with indifference, not because he is heartless, but because he has been unable to give too much hope, looking at Youhan, he does not know the pain of no hope, but he can not sympathize with it. Perhaps people are like this, clearly know that there is no hope but to believe, the sad thing is that they are not others. Ryoko’s hand froze in the air, not to close, not to close, right with a look up, clearly saw the girl’s eyes depressed sadness. Some puzzled looking at the willow, the side of the fox gentleman has come up to intercept Ryoko’s lunch, “Yo, Ryoko, how can you forget, I also like to eat your cooking, you are difficult to enter the kitchen once, of course I can not miss.” Ryoko smiled, “Masaharu likes it, so I’ll give it to you.” The awkward atmosphere is dissolved,mobile racking systems, but the girl clearly feels that something is wrong, frowns, but can not think of. Did they quarrel with each other. jracking.com

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