When Tian Nuo finished eating, the carriage was ready. Tian Nuo only let the night light follow, and found a hat to cover himself, quietly out of the door. Hua Shu was used to her way of doing things. She didn’t say much. She just asked her, “Where are you going?” “Qingbo Lane,” said Tian Nuo. Qingbo Lane is a famous Rouge and gouache street in Jianye City. From the most high-end Huarong Zhai to a small family workshop with a shop front, there are all kinds of Rouge and gouache of various prices and qualities. Every day, it is bustling and bustling. The flowers and trees were familiar with the road and drove to a moderate door with a plaque of “picking incense”, and drove in directly from the side door. There were already several cars parked inside. As soon as Tian Nuo’s car arrived, a pretty maid dressed in turquoise armor and wearing a double bun came up to meet her. She smiled and said, “The little white lady is here. The host has been thinking of you for a long time.” Tian Nuo asked her, “Is Ah Zhen in the shop now?” “The master is testing the new formula of jasmine powder in the workshop,” said the maid. “I’m going to ask him to come over. Little lady or go to Pear White Hall to wait for him? Tian Nuo nodded, also do not need a person to take, oneself go inside, obviously very familiar with here. Pear White Hall is located in the deepest part of a whole row of hospitality halls. It is very quiet and elegant. On the table of red acid branch wood, there are bonsai and fruit plates of Taihu stone. On the quaint couch, there is a two-color brocade cushion. Unlike other places, the tables and couches here are higher than usual, and it is impossible to kneel down. Night light looked strange,Ozone generator ceramic plate, then saw Tian Nuo walk over, legs hanging down, feet on the ground, directly sitting on the couch, a face of pleasure. Is that all right? Tian Nuo saw her face dull, waved, smiling tunnel: “This sitting is much more comfortable than the low couch, you also try.” The night light shook his head without hesitation and said with a straight face,ceramic igniter electrodes, “Young lady, this is not in line with the etiquette.” Tian Nuo tut, can not see, this protruding black beauty is actually a little old-fashioned? She was bored while waiting for someone, and was about to tease her again when suddenly a voice came in from next door. First an indignant complaint: “General, Lord Bai is too impersonal.” Tian Nuo frowned, “Pear White” hall is reserved for her, she had picked this one because it is the farthest from the shop, very quiet. Picking incense “looks small, but it is very big inside. There are many halls to entertain guests. Most of the guests will stay in several halls near the shop. Few people come to the hall next to” Pear White “. How can it be so coincidental that people come today, or male guests? She was considering whether to change places when a familiar voice sounded: “What he said is not unreasonable.” yuan Rui, how could he come to such a place? This is too wife and too disobedient! Chapter 57 Tian Nuo became curious and pricked up his ears. Night light a face tangled, was about to speak, Tian Nuo eye disease hand quick, alumina c799 ,Ceramic Core Immersion Heaters, directly covered her mouth, gently “shush” a. ” What’s the point? The voice that spoke first became angrier and angrier. “You value love and righteousness,” he shouted. “You can’t bear to see the reputation of the little lady of the Bai family damaged, so you come to ask for marriage regardless of your injuries. Besides, the engagement was made long ago, and you’ve been waiting for the little white lady for so many years, but he just dismissed you with an excuse. yuan Rui said, “It’s a lesson from Han’s past. It’s human nature that Lord Bai loves Arnold and doesn’t want her to Wade into the muddy waters of the yuan family.” “You speak for him?”? Do you want to give up this marriage? “How could it be?” Asked yuan Rui? Sincere, gold and stone to open, I just have to prove to Lord Bai, I will sincerely good to Arnold, protect her, will not let her suffer the slightest grievance, he can naturally rest assured that his sister to me. “Are you not sincere enough?”? Prepare a generous gift, please the official media, personally come to the door to ask for marriage. Lord Bai is good. He doesn’t show any mercy. He refuses. He doesn’t even let you see the shadow of the little lady. yuan Rui said calmly, “I will see you.” That person is not convinced: “General, why do you so compromise?”? She also came here to buy Rouge and gouache in order to please the little white lady. Do you have any idea how many people were there when we came in? Finally, the shopkeeper here was smart enough to arrange a quiet place for us.
” yuan Rui was silent for a moment. Then he replied, “What kind of grievance am I?” What was all this compared to what she had suffered in her dream? Tian Nuo was stunned: “yuan Rui came here to buy Rouge and gouache for her?”? He formally proposed marriage to his brother? Because he carried her on his back in public in the West Garden, to preserve her reputation? Tian Nuo’s mood was a little complicated: she had always had a good impression on the young general who had a verbal engagement with her since childhood. Once upon a time, she had always thought that she would marry him until Han Miaosheng happened. The coolness and viciousness of the yuan family made her afraid, and she could not imagine what would happen to her if one day Bai Yangui lost power or fell out with the yuan family. As a result, she had the intention to quit and went back on her word. He was always considerate of her and did not blame her at all. She was Han Sui trapped in the West Garden, regardless of the past, he came to save her alone, the knife and gun mercilessly, a wound in his body, at that moment, her heart was strongly shocked, why, he wanted to be so good to her? She has nothing to repay. The hand covering the luminous mouth fell unconsciously, and she could not bear to eavesdrop any more. Just then, with a squeak, someone pushed the door and called out shyly, “Ah Jie.”. The conversation next door stopped immediately, and it was obvious that there was someone here. Sunlight poured in through the open door and fell on the quiet eyebrows and eyes of the man, and the newly freed night light unconsciously opened its mouth wide and stared. It was an elegant young man with childishness, dressed in an ordinary brown cloth bunt, with a milky white complexion, light eyebrows, and a light brown pupil as clear as glass, flashing with shallow joy and shyness. Clean, beautiful and shy, this is the first impression of night light on teenagers. Tian Nuo stood up, his eyes stayed on the young man’s face for a moment,Ceramic Bobbin, sighed in his heart, and called softly, “Ah Zhen.” 。

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