“Chen Yushi’s mood is understandable to this officer, but the word” war “is a big deal, and we must not start a war unless we have to!” Behind Xiao Fei, several newly promoted officials also stood up and began to support him. Xia yuan stood in the first row with a board in his hand and lowered his eyes, saying nothing. The word “war” means a lot? Isn’t it big enough to force the palace? Chen Yunfei stared at Xiao Fei and the others, then bowed down and knelt down in the direction of the emperor: “Your Majesty, please!” Afterward, a group of ministers also kneel down along with him: “asks your majesty to judge!” Zhao Ying sat in the upper position, separated by the glass beads on the crown of the emperor, his eyes circled around them, neither fighting nor making peace. Xiao Fei also lifted his robe and knelt down. “Your Majesty, please worry about the people.” The ministers behind him immediately knelt down after him and said, “Your Majesty, please worry about the people.” Zhao Ying opened his mouth and asked the other onlookers, “Do you have anything to say?” “I wait, let your majesty decide!” The rest of the officials were all on their knees. Throughout the hall, only Yu Xiayuan and several officials of the Ministry of Punishment, such as Lu Binyong and Hua Yunchang, who were behind her,uns s31803 sheet, were still standing, looking unusually abrupt. She raised her eyes to Zhao Ying’s eyes and hooked her lips. See, you get what you want, and Xiao Fei has accumulated his own power. Am I the only one who is the biggest hidden danger in the whole court? Do you want to clear it? There was no fluctuation on Zhao’s face and he looked away. Let me think about this. I’ll discuss it tomorrow and withdraw from the court. The singing eunuch immediately shouted in a shrill voice, “Back to the court.” After the court, Xia yuan ignored Chang Chun’s gallantry and walked out of the palace without taking his eyes off. The officials on one side looked at this scene in their eyes and had some numbers in their hearts. Xia yuan this officialdom koi really is not called in vain, no matter which emperor is so dependent on him,a333 grade 6 pipe, really let a person envy. Leaving Chang Chun out of the palace, Xia yuan was about to get on the sedan chair when he was stopped by Chen Yunfei. Xia Shangshu, can you take a step to speak? She thought about it and did not refuse. Outside the secluded palace wall, he looked at Chen Yunfei and said, “I don’t know what Chen Yushi is looking for.” “Unfortunately, the teacher died tragically under the sword of King Zhen. As a disciple, we must get justice for him. I hope Xia Shangshu can help me.” He stepped back and bowed deeply. As long as Xia Shangshu is willing to help, I will be driven by Xia Shangshu in the future, and I will follow your lead everywhere! Chen Yunfei is defecting to Xia yuan. As long as she answers today, she will take over all the power of the grand master in the future. A normal and slightly ambitious official would not refuse such a good thing. However, Xia yuan did not have the slightest ambition, nor did he want to get involved. This kind of important matter, still want your majesty and Wenyuan pavilion, x52 line pipe ,uns s32750 sheet, the Ministry of war to discuss together, I punishment Ministry and can’t help what, Chen Yushi find the wrong person. Her words let Chen Yunfei Leng for a moment, he did not expect Xia yuan would refuse! “If Chen Yushi has nothing else to do, the officer will go first.” Xia yuan nodded politely and left. Chen Yunfei looked at her back for a long time before showing a bitter smile. Your Majesty, Lord Xia has left the palace. Inside the Taizheng Palace, Chang Chun walked in with small steps. It was the slave’s incompetence that failed to keep Lord Xia. Under the service of the maidservants, Zhao Ying took off his crown and put on his regular clothes. I don’t blame you. I provoked her. Get ready here and go to Xia Fu with me in the evening. He said and walked out. Where is Liu Qilang? Let him come to see me in the imperial study. “Yes.” Chang Chun answered. Today, Xia yuan stayed in the Ministry of Punishment until the end of Chen Shi before returning to the mansion. She didn’t want to face the empty Begonia Garden alone. Since Cheng Yushu left, it was no longer like a home, but just a place for her to sleep. Lord Xia Eryi, who was guarding the door, saw the sedan chair and immediately came forward with the lantern. Xia yuan bent down to get out of the sedan chair, nodded to him, and went to the mansion. Your Majesty is here, sir. Zhao Ying? She stopped, frowned, thought for a moment, and went inside again. How long have you been here? “About half an hour.” In front of the Begonia Garden, I saw the bright lights in the courtyard. She stepped in and looked up to see Chang Chun’s smiling old face. Lord Xia, you are back.
” Without looking at him, Xia yuan walked along the bluestone road into the main room. Under the lamplight of the hall, the young man with soft eyebrows stood up and smiled, warm and sentimentally attached: “Yu Heng.” “I, Xia yuan, knock on your majesty. Long live our emperor. Long live our emperor.” Xia yuan’s kneeling destroyed the soft and quiet atmosphere in the room in an instant. Yu Heng, are you still angry with me? “I dare not.” Zhao Ying helped her up: “Angry is angry, what else dare not?” Xia yuan looked up at him and did not speak. Zhao Ying frowned: “Yu Heng..”. I know what you’re angry about. …..” “I’m not angry.” Xia yuan wiped his big palm on her arm. “From the moment you ascended the throne, I knew there would be such a day.” “I’m just a little tired and I don’t want to go on like this.” Since crossing into this world, Xia yuan has never been so confused as he is now. She stood where she was, but the road under her feet was gone. She couldn’t see what was ahead of her, and she didn’t know where to go. Your Majesty, may I resign? I want to leave the capital, go to a beautiful place, set up a college, from now on do not ask the government affairs, concentrate on teaching and educating people. It is a new life to abandon the past and start again. On the other side, a surname mansion. Holding an imperial edict in his hand, Sun Haonan sat on his knees in the mourning hall with empty eyes, and the white linen in front of his forehead cast a shadow. Overnight, his grandfather died and his sister was disabled. Whose fault is all this? Where does he go from here? Chapter 128 “Young Master Sun hugged the imperial edict to his bosom, his expression was numb and godless,x70 line pipe, and he was no longer as fresh and wanton as he had been.” Grandpa, they say it was your sister’s fornication with the vassal king that killed you. Tell me, is it true? 。

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