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At this time of insolence, Ye Chen is completely convinced! After all, he is not afraid of anything, but he admires people who are better at driving than him! Leaf Chen showed the technology, has been beyond all his imagination, this kind of person, in the field of racing, will certainly have their own achievements in the future ah! “I..” “I’m convinced!” At this time, the madman bowed his head to Ye Chen! Brother, I was wrong! “ Willing to be punished! “ I gave this car to you! Zhang Crazy pointing to the hands of a Bumblebee, the version of the explosion! This Bumblebee, the naked car was purchased for 700,000 yuan, but it took 1300000 to modify it! Also It’s a two million luxury car! This At that time, all were given to Ye Chen! Wish Gamble and admit defeat! This is the rule on Jiumin Mountain! “I’m sorry, Mr. Yechen!” At this point, insolent bow said! Leaf Morning smiled, this insolent, although a little insolent, although with that Yanyan together, but,stainless steel 304 pipes, from this point of view, or a little responsible! Leaf Morning is a faint smile! Disuse “ “I am firmly opposed to gambling!” “ I am a young man with positive energy in the 21st century. I will never gamble! “ Take back your things! Leaf Morning is not bad for this Bumblebee, and his Transformers, has been in front of this explosive style of Bumblebee, a thorough scan, until later no one, directly into this one! Huh!? Dun At that time,side impact door beams, the crazy face was stunned and took a deep look at Ye Chen! This Guy That’s very loyal! Insolent is also a straightforward person! It’s just that it just made me kneel down and apologize. I ..” Said insolently! Ran And! Right now! That Zhang Yanyan suddenly rushed out! Husband, you can’t admit it! “ How can you give up to this cheap delivery guy!? “ Aren’t you the eldest brother of Jiumingshan? “ Your girlfriend has been wronged, and you bow and scrape to others!? At this time, Zhang Yanyan said anxiously! See, Ye Chen relying on their own strong technology and personality charm, will be insolent recovery as a younger brother! At this time, insolent originally wanted to apologize to Ye Chen! However, hearing Zhang Yanyan’s words, I can’t hang on my face! Zhang Yanyan looked at the insolent change, and then continued! “Husband, to tell you the truth!” “ He.. “Zhang.” Suddenly tears welled up in Yanyan’s eyes! Her Point your finger at Ye Chen! He What’s the matter? Dun At that time, everyone was confused! He Didn’t just hit me in the afternoon. ! Still in the changing room of the sports playground. . Insulted me !” I go Dun Time! Full circle!!! None The second generation of the rich all looked at Ye Chen with indignation! Although However, they admire Ye Chen’s driving skills, but.. This man How can you be so mean!? Zhang Crazy face a change, suddenly become ferocious incomparable! One Fist, side impact beams ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, hit directly on his own hood! “Ye Chen!” “I thought you were a hero, but I didn’t expect you to be so dirty!!!” Zhang Crazy is completely crazy! “Whoo, whoo, whoo..” Zhang Yanyan, seeing the effect, continued! She is eager to.. Today Let insolent, kill Ye Chen! “Husband..”. Afternoon He insulted me.. It’s in the changing room. , separated from the playground by a glass.. There is a sports meeting outside. There are tens of thousands of people watching.. . He’s in there. …… Three hours, three hours! Leaf Chen Yi Zheng! I Go! Bloody mouth spurts a person, do not take this kind! Can I have fun like this? Three more hours? Besides, Ye Chen can take a fancy to this kind of thing!? Ye Chen narrowed his eyes, this gorgeous, repeatedly challenged Ye Chen’s three views, repeatedly slandered Ye Chen, a broken mouth like a broken Gong! Really It’s a death wish!
Suddenly, insolent face all green! Ye Chen!!! “ Today, I will kill you! “ Kill you! This At that time, Zhang Yanyan said hypocritically, “Husband, don’t be angry..” Later, the big man will come.. Will have a bad impression on you. !” Zhang Yanyan pretends to be very kind and considerate! Z Zhang Yanyan at this time like a winner in the general eyes, looked at Ye Chen, with a face of complacency! In her opinion! The big man comes, when the time comes, he and the legendary big man talk and laugh with each other, this Ye Chen is not scared to death? “I want to die!” Zhang A wild roar! Wait for the meeting to pass and see how I kill you!
。 However! Just At this moment! Branch Ya! From Far away, there was the sound of a sports car passing by! “It’s Brother Shi Lezhi!” This At that time, countless people shouted! Quick, get ready, Shi Lezhi eldest brother is coming, that big man, presumably, is also in Shi Lezhi eldest brother’s car! Today, Shi Lezhi drove a Rolls-Royce! Four seats! One Look, there’s a big man here! Suddenly, the madman became excited and began to shiver! “Ye Chen!” “ ***, I’ll spare your life first. After a while, I’ll see how I can kill you! Zhang Yanyan also squinted at Ye Chen! “Boy, wait for death!!!” Chapter 640 you kneel down! Ye Chen narrowed his eyes! I just want to teach these two little fools a good lesson! Just At this time! One The sound of the sound branches sounded! A Rolls-Royce stopped in front of the crowd! Lao Slice’s door opened and a man and a woman stepped out of the car! Male Very strong, muscular man’s body, with a fierce light on his face! Side The side of the girl, dressed very sexy, perfect figure exposed, it can be seen that the age is not big, but the beauty of the country! Moreover, this girl,aluminium coated tubes, the face value goes against the sky, as soon as appears on the stage, has suppressed all young models! That. cbiesautomotive.com

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