“Ann, Ann, are you saying that the person who saved you was the young man and the young lady?” Yi Zhongqiu has been in a daze since just now, looking at the two little ones with a pair of deep eyes and a face of disbelief. Did Ann misspeak or did he mishear? These two children are only two or three years old, right? How could they save Ann and them from a group of men in black? “Dad, you heard me right.” Yi Sian nodded to Yi Zhongqiu. “It was the little hero who saved us. If you don’t believe me, you can ask them.” He looked at his brothers and asked them to testify for him. Master, Younger Martial Brother is right. It was the two little heroes who saved us. Yi Zhongqiu’s disciples nodded their heads. Leng Wanwan and Ye Chen looked at each other, and it seemed that their treasure was really surprising. But also, they are so small, in the eyes of others, I am afraid that they will only cry. It seems that in order to have less trouble in the future, we should try our best to let them do less. Are the two little heroes so strong? Yi Zhongqiu looked at the night sun and the night moon, how to look at them are just pink children wow, the shock in my heart is really too strong. Then he looked at the parents of the two children, Leng Wanwan and Ye Chen, and asked in surprise: “I don’t know how the night childe and his wife taught the two little heroes. They are so extraordinary at such a young age that their future achievements will be even more glorious..” “Master Yi praised him. Yang’er and Yue’er are just a little smarter than ordinary children.” Leng Wanwan looked at Yi Zhongqiu and said simply. Yi Zhongqiu was stunned and saw from the indifferent expression on Leng Wanwan’s face that the other party did not want to talk about the two children. He was naturally interested and no longer asked questions. Instead,potassium sulphate fertilizer, he greeted them gallantly. You are tired from traveling all the way. Let’s rest for a while. I’m going to have someone prepare dinner. “Excuse me.” …… Ye Chen and his party stayed in Yifu for five days. During the five days, Yi Sian led them around the famous scenery nearby. The two children, Ye Xi Yang and Ye Xi Yue, had a lot of fun. The purpose of their trip is also achieved, speaking of Yuezhao country and Yueyan is comparable, trade,diammonium phosphate fertilizer, agriculture development is quite prosperous. However, there are many things in the martial arts world. Some evil cults always disturb the people everywhere and set off a bloody storm. That’s why the various sects joined hands this time to discuss the issue of crusading against cults on the occasion of the Wulin Congress. The next day, the martial arts meeting finally arrived in the expectation of the two children. The sun is shining and the weather is fine. On the broad flat ground outside Yifu, a high arena was set up, beside which a big drum was placed, high pillars were erected on both sides, and some white cloth was hung on it, on which the words “uphold justice” and “eliminate harm for the people” were written. The people from various sects of Wulin arrived a few days in advance and lived in the inn all the time. Today, as soon as the martial arts conference opened, they all rushed over. Those self-proclaimed chivalrous men, each with a sword and a sword, were quite numerous, magnesium nitrate hexahydrate ,Magnesium Sulphate producer, and the scene was quite impressive. Yi Zhongqiu arranged a special seat for Leng Wanwan. When they appeared with the night sun and the night moon, everyone’s eyes looked at them involuntarily. Oh, my God, who are those people? Such a beautiful appearance, as well as the rare pupil color is really curious. Even some people looked at the cold appearance of Jian Yin, as well as the blood-colored eyes, and guessed that they were not cults, were they? For a moment, the crowd began to whisper. “Leader of the Iraqi Alliance, I don’t know what kind of heroes these are?” Finally, someone could not hold back the curiosity in his heart, stood up, handed his hand to Yi Zhongqiu, and asked. As soon as he heard the man ask, the others pricked up their ears and watched. Yi Zhongqiu clasped his fists in both hands and saluted the crowd, with a bright smile on his thin face: “These are the saviors of the son of the dog.”.
” ___________________ The recent month’s work is very busy, the pro will not urge me oh.. This one is almost finished. At most, it will be over in July. Volume 3 Chapter 256 Laugh Silly “These are the saviors of the dog’s son.” As soon as Yi Zhongqiu’s words fell, everyone was suddenly enlightened. No wonder the leader of the alliance treated them like this. Originally, these people were the benefactors of the leader’s family. After the crowd understood this, their attitude toward Leng Wanwan suddenly changed. Everyone had a smile on their faces. It was originally several heroes, which was really disrespectful and disrespectful. “……” “You’re welcome. We really don’t deserve it.”. It is incumbent upon us to draw a sword to help each other when the road is rough. Ye Chen’s handsome face also hung a polite smile, with these people in vain. Cold curved pink lips hooked up, really a group of realistic guys, just now they were guessing that they might be cults, and now they immediately became heroes. Jian Yin and Shui Yao are completely indifferent to the end, tight lips, do not speak, do not make a statement. Mother, these uncles and uncles are laughing so silly. The night moon suppressed her pink little face, and a pair of big eyes like black gems looked at the people in the martial arts world with false smiles, and the words burst out of her red little mouth. Now there is a moment of silence, as if the picture was suddenly frozen, the false smile on the faces of the people in the martial arts world suddenly froze up, the atmosphere is very awkward. The smile of the cold curved lips deepened, and it was all childish words, as expected, but the child’s words were also the most real reaction. Night Chen looked at the words but still a face of naive daughter, the heart can not help but laugh. Although the two babies are sometimes very naughty and have a cold side,dap diammonium phosphate, they are still ordinary children in some ways. Suppressing the smile in his heart, he said apologetically to the crowd: “I’m sorry, gentlemen. My daughter is too young to understand. I hope you won’t take it amiss.” 。 stargrace-magnesite.com

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